• Food
  • Beings Gusto’s Guest!*

    You may remember me visiting the Cookridge branch of Gusto last year, and although enjoyable it wasn’t half a trek to get to in rush hour Leeds (after 2 accidents had blocked the way) so it’s not somewhere I’d go to regularly, however it’s sister branch in central Leeds is much better for me, as […]

  • Fashion
  • Nautical Vibes and #WinningCurves *

    I’m here to share some of my favourite ever photos to date and to let you know about a competition that the fab Celuu are running! You’ll have seen past collaborations with the guys over there before I’m sure and I’ve been eyeballing the top I’m wearing today since it appeared on their Instagram in April. It’s […]

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  • Leeds Brunchin’

    Oh how it seems like ages since I hung out in Leeds. Works been so busy recently and it’s been a struggle to do everything and have a social life! But I’m baaaaaaack!  I’d got this brunch at Ox Club* booked in way back which meant I knew I had to keep it in my […]