Doing It For The Career – Something New for Lucy Loves

It was whilst chatting to a blogger friend in my first couple of years blogging that gave me a ‘doink’ about how much stuff I actually knew about career related things, so organisation, personal development, management, planning, communication… the list goes on. My career has been based in one business so I’ve never truly appreciated the opportunities the company gave me with regard to all this- how to essentially better myself, and I hadn’t realised that other companies don’t do it for their employees. However I carried on as I was dishing advice out when asked for from various friends.

Then I had another similar realisation whilst listening to the awe inspiring Phanella and Alice, founders of The Step Up Club, back in November, that most of what they were saying I’d learnt about before and I’d used in the past in my career, and looking around some others truly hadn’t and it was revolutionary to them, whilst others had researched and Ted talked themselves the ways. Again I hadn’t truly realised this was wider spread than just my circle of friends until that moment.

After that I kept trying to think of how this incorporates into Lucy Loves and I kept stumbling on it, so never put finger to keyboard to articulate this direction I was being drawn towards. I also kept putting myself down, I’m not an amazing girl boss, I don’t work for myself, I don’t have money to burn, I’m not a CEO but I’ve started to realise that none of that determines my self worth, or my successes. I’ve won manager of the year awards for what I’ve achieved, I’ve been promoted through the business that I started as an hourly paid colleague in, and I’m now enjoying what I do and the balance I have in my life and if that’s not a success then I don’t know what is!?

So for now I’ve decided to go for it, I’m going to talk work, careers and more. What I’ve learnt, things I’ve overcome and what it’s like to be a career gal at 36 with a husband and two cats.

So I want to know what you want to know. What’s the one thing you get stuck on when it comes to progressing your career? What’s the thing you wish you were better at? What’s stopping you taking that next step? I’ll try my best to address it and more from my perspective which will hopefully give you a different perspective to help formulate more thoughts and gain that bit of confidence you may be lacking as I was.

For those of you that like my rambles now, don’t worry there’s still going to be LOTS of that still, what I wear, where I eat and places I travel too!