I already mentioned in my Lush Leeds Spa post that we were given some lovely new products to try and these two were the ones I couldn’t wait to try.
I really like the idea of in-shower moisturisers however the original Nivea one didn’t do it for me as I just didn’t like the smell. So when I saw African Paradise* in my bag I was hopeful for a better smelling product.


I wasn’t disappointed, the moisturiser smells amazing but not overpowering. It’s hard for me to put my finger on the exact scent but I think the almond oil and Shea butter mixed with the frangipani, vanilla and geranium scents and oils are the main contributors to what Lush describe as ‘a sweet, spicy and floral scent’. It so contains Mango juice but I wouldn’t say I can smell any real fruity notes.

The product itself is easy to use, in a slap on wash off way and it really softens the skin. Mr E used it on one arm and even he could tell the difference that day. My suggestions would be to not use too much and to ensure you wash your hands with your showergel/soap straight after as it leaves a strange sticky feeling on mine if I don’t!
The only downside for me is the price at £19.95 for a 225g pot its a lot more expensive than other in-shower creams but it is made with lovely natural ingredients, and I’m thinking mine will last me at least 2 months maybe 3 (Mr E won’t be using any more!!) so I think I would re purchase as it has been so great for my skin, even after holiday as I’ve had no peeling whatsoever.

Moving onto another of Mr E’s faves, D’Fluff* Strawberry Shaving Soap. He took this out of my hands and has been using it far too much! It smells utterly divine so I had to prize it out of his grip to get a chance to use it myself! It’s a lovely whipped fluffy soap which again is easy to use, I used it on my legs and my legs really did feel smoother afterwards.

It can be used as a body wash too and when I spoke to some of the lovely ladies at Lush They said they used it as a treat for their face as a soap/cleanser. Mr E loved using it on his face to shave and unfortunately it’s now part of his shaving routine rather than mine. At £5.75 for a 70g pot I don’t begrudge him that either. I’ll just have to sneak a use out of it every now and then!

Thanks again to Lush for the products,a * indicates an item gifted to me, but as always the views are my own (and sometimes Mr E’s!)