I LOVE a good Lush event, what’s better than having the undivided attention of some amazing Lush colleagues, the company of some fab bloggers and making your own Lush bubble bar?! Exactly. So when I got an invite to go have a look at the Lush Spring items I didn’t need to think twice!

lush golden egg
After a pretty crappy day (from basic crap to someone opening my car door onto another car then them reversing my car into a tree amongst other rubbish!) I neeeeded this event! I rushed straight to the lavender soap Serendipity and sniffed it to my hearts content and whilst doing it I was given some yummy M&S chocolate bites perfect! 

After that I went to chat through Skincare first, I tried out the Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask. It left my hand very smooth and soft however I described the smell as ‘fusty old castle’ I’m not sure what ingredient was driving that but it contains tea tree, egg, honey, grapes and garlic so could be any one or combo of smells! I think it will be good for my skin and I’ve nearly got enough tubs to return for a free one, so I’ll be buying it then, I got a fresh mask to try in my goodie bag too so glad I didn’t buy one too as they only last a few weeks. 

lush cosmetic warrior

I also got to play about with shower concoctions (determining which combo of scrubs,gels and moisturisers were best for me) , and then got to make this beast! I still maintain when they said grab a handful that’s what I did, and I’ve got big hands!! Haha think it will last about 20 baths, and don’t think Lush will be employing me any time soon, their products would go down the drain (excuse the weak pun) not only because the would be in negative profits with my bubble bar , it also looks pretty poor doesn’t it. Definitely haven’t missed my calling there.

lush comforter
Finally I caught up with my fave Lushie and we chatted gift sets and Lush Spring Products. Look at it all!

lush humpty dumpty
lush carrots   lush rabbot gift
lush gift set easter   

lush spring

lush bunny shower jelly

lush ladybird

I  had to get the grumpiest lady bird there was as it represented me that day! Just look at her! I’ve already used her up, his scent is florally but has a little bit of menthol in which makes it quite a fresh bath. I was also very grateful to find one in my goody bag too, so I’m not too upset about using up my first one!
lush ladybird
lush ladybird
I also had my eye on Humpty Dumpty (The Good Egg gift set) from the start of the event and the fact he was still left at the end and was on his lonesome meant it was fate (it was also payday the day after, and let’s face it I deserved it after the day I had had!).He contains:

good Egg gift Good egg gift Humpty Dumpty gift All in all a very Good Egg! As always you do pay for the packaging on Lush gifts but he was worth the money, and for £26.95 (contains £17.50 products plus the 2 mini’s which I guess to be worth about £5/£6 so not a lot more for Humpty!) I think he would’ve a great alternative to chocolate this Easter and a lot better for you, he’s for sure my favourite of the Lush Spring range.
good egg gift

Have your tried any of the Lush Spring range yet, or have I inspired you to try anything befor they dissapear for another year?