Over the last few weeks I’ve had a pretty hectic social life with work , friends and blogging events, luckily most of it included eating. Eating a lot. Yes, it’s essentially been heaven.

My first foodie outing was to The Forum in Sheffield. Visiting there always makes me feel old though as me and my friends used to get all our crazy hair dyes and jewellery from the shops in the Forum, and on the way there we would walk past the flat where Jarvis Cocker (from Pulp for you under 25) used to live and we’d comment on the fact of it had woodchip on the walls or not. Oh to be 16 again!

Anyway the forum still is the place to go for crazy hair dyes but also to eat and drink in Sheffield. It’s quite a big place and we were in a small private bar area that looked to be more coffee orientated in the daytime with the menu on the wall in there. 

I was invited with some other local bloggers to try out their new menu. We were greeted with an Aperol Spritz on arrival to sip on whilst we listened to the inspiration for the new menu. It was really fascinating (I even forgot I was hungry I was that interested!). In short they use local suppliers for pretty much everything- the meat, the bread, the condiments everything. The menu has been built carefully to reflect all the favourites from menu’s past plus new Korean influenced dishes.
It was seriously fabulous food, we started off trying the small plates and after much persuasion from Holly-Lucy I even tried the Rarebit Fondue that had been made with blue cheese which I dislike, however it was lush and I really enjoyed it!   

Spicy Sriracha Houmous

  Baby back Ribs   

 The Fondue 

Kimchi Pork Belly Steamed Buns 

After all that there was still more! We moved onto mains and this on alcohol tried a lovely martini with sweet potato which really worked! By this point I was stuffed I managed to try everything though and I loved the cod pakora’s the most (so much so I didn’t get a good photo of them!!)   

Pork Tomahawk Chop


Soy Glazed Tofu Skewer 


Mini versions of the Classic Beef Burger 

We then moved onto the puddings and at that point it was time for a palette cleanser drink, as I was driving I had a non alcoholic Pima style drink which was lush,followed by a San P and they both tasted so much better than what the girls had. It was a mix of various things but upon first taste my reaction was to (loudly) say it tasted like public swimming pool water, I’m so classy aren’t I?! I then refined it to the water that you walk through pre-swim to get rid of germs and what not. Now I’ve never tasted that water (thank goodness) but it’s exactly what I’d imagine it to taste like (some others said TCP so around that antiseptic kinda feel) so I wouldn’t recommend that drink personally but it would be a good talking point as it was for us! Plus it did cleanse the palette as promised! 

Luckily the puddings were absolutely amazing.


TCP drink and my rather safe San Pellegrino   

Deep Fried Korean Ice Cream Sandwich 


Rolo Brownie. Heaven. 

I was stuffed at this point, so didn’t really do the ice cream sandwich justice so I’m looking to go back pretty shortly! The brownie and the steamed buns have been in my dreams ever since so it’s a necessity! For a first proper taste of Korean influenced food it was definitely a good one! If you’ve got a fave dish let me know as I feel I need to discover more now.